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I'm working with an htc file to style my visualforce pages. The problem is that the .htc file needs to live on the server that the html pages are being served from. I am unable to reference this file, or figure a means to make it work. I tried using:


{!URLFOR($Resource.DomainCss, 'style/PIE.htc')}  - this doesn't work somehow. No paths or sheets are recognized using this method of getting resources, whether looking for .css, .js, or .htc files. ( Actually, the example for URLFOR doesn't seem to work either... )


So I wrote a line for each stylesheet:


{!$Resource.Master}, {!$Resource.Secondary}, {!$Resource.Typo}, etc. and all files are found and serve their purpose. 


But.. I cannot get the .htc file to be seen. ( This is IE only, btw. ) I am using PIE.htc and cannot find a way to include the file in a meaningful way. Has anyone else ever tried or seen this done?


Thanks much in advance.



  • May 03, 2011
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