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I'm trying to use Roles with Apex Managed Sharing, but I'm running in to a problem.  The documentation and example for Apex Sharing Rules implies that we can use Roles to populate the UserOrGroupId field on a sharing object, but I'm getting an error when I use an Id I derive from the UserRole object:


FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION, User/Group ID: id value of incorrect type


In a nutshell, I've created an Apex class that is used to manage sharing on a custom object we have (Object B).  Object B is related to an Account.  I'm grabbing the account id and then using that to find any Customer Portal Roles (UserRoles object, these are created automatically when you create a portal user) associated to that account.  I then take the Id from the UserRole object and use it to populate the UserOrGroupId field on my ObjectB__Shares record.


Can I not use Roles with Apex Managed Sharing or am I doing something wrong?  Here's the relevant code (slightly modified to protect the innocent):



//Now that you have all the account ids, get the corresponding portal user roles
            Set<ID> allPortalRoleIDs = new Set<ID>();
            for(UserRole ur: [Select Id, Name From UserRole Where PortalAccountId in: allRelatedAcctIDs])
            //Now that you have all the relevant Portal User Roles, populate the shares
            if(allPortalRoleIDs != null && allPortalRoleIDs.size() > 0)
                for(ObjectB__c b: ForClientOnly)
                    for(ID roleId : allPortalRoleIDs)
                        ObjectB__Share bs = new ObjectB__Share();
                        bs.ParentID = b.id;
                        bs.UserOrGroupID = roleId;
                        bs.AccessLevel = 'read';
                        bs.RowCause = Schema.ObjectB__Share.RowCause.portal_access__c;

            //Once you have all the Shares, insert them
            insert allShares;


Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!