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We have to make a secure callout to a HTTPS endpoint (Authorize.net) for completing payment process.  The expectation is that the request should be encrypted when sending to the Payment gateway service.  Force.com provides a class (Crypto class) to encrypt the requests.  However this requires a private key to be used for encrypting the data. 


  it seems that Authorize.net does not provide a private key but provides only a certificate (public key).  When using this public key for encryption, Force.com returns an error that this is not a valid private key. Does anyone know 


  1. If making a HTTP connection to a HTTPS endpoint, if the request is encrypted by default and that no other additional encryption is needed?
  2. How to make an encrypted call to Authorize.net payment gateway service (HTTPS endpoint)?

hiiii, i m not able to set an custom application to the system administrator profile using java api.it is giving


: INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY msg: In field: currentName - no Profile named System Administrator found

error  when i m tying to update metadata.any solution plz..

i want to read values from the text box on visual force page is it possible  to read from visual force using java api. if yes then how can i do that??

What I want to do is fairly simple. I just want to send a user who has signed up for one of our fee-based webinars to authorize.net to handle the payment processing and then come back to our site and dump the registration info and payment confirmation into sfdc.


Now, on a non-Sites website I could do this fairly easily in php, java, or any of the other apis authorize.net provides. I would just have a form to collect the basic registration information, send that to authorize.net, get the confirmation back and drop the info into a db.


However since Sites is not using (not that I can access) php, java, etc. and they don't have an apex or a javascript api as far as I know, anybody have any suggestions how to interface to authorize.net? 


Please do not offer appExchange solutions as they are not in our budget right now. 





I would like to use Authorize.Net AIM (Advanced Integration Method) in my trigger code for some basic payment processing. Is this possible ?

If not, can i create a separate webservice hosted on a server somewhere and call that webservice from my trigger code, or is there some other way to achieve this ?


Thank You

  • May 11, 2010
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is there any way to list out all the Standard Apps Internal  Names (like: Sales,Ideas,Call Center )from  SF instance?



i'm using JAVA and an enterprise WSDL.


please help to solve this issue.




Adithya k