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Hello.  I am working in a single sandbox - and ideally would like to periodically make a copy of my entire sandbox environment.  Does anyone know if a backup utility (for free or purchase) exists?  I ideally would like to be able to periodically back up my VF pages, Controllers, Workflows, etc. - just so I could revert back to previous versions if needed.  I know I could purchase an additional sandbox license...but I was curious if a backup utility existed similar to the data backup that salesforce.com offers.


I was not sure if this is even available - so I thought I would ask.





I am working with client who is on Professional Edition. The client would like to take back-up of data and configuration before making configuration changes.


On data side, the client would like keep certain Account and related records and delete remaining recrods. Since the client is on Profiessional edition, I will not be able to use Data Loader to mass delete or mass insert/upsert.


Any suggestion on how I can back-up configuration and data.


Thanks in Advance,




I know I have posted this question a few months ago but I am having trouble excepting that there is not a non-additional 3rd party tool cost to achieve the same results.


If I can do to the SFDC Weekly Export Service page and click a download link why wouldn't their be an ability to call an API call to iterate through the files and download them to a client machine.  Are we certain that there is no functionality available to a developer that allows us programmatic ability as oppose to logging in each week and clicking through 10 or more links to save the files to a client side drive? 

Our organization uses Salesforce.com's automated backups every week.  As things work now, we currently go to the Data Management link (under Setup) and click on the individual zip files to download them at a specific day/time.  As we have 3 orgs, and a lot of information in them, we currently spend a lot of time manually downloading and renaming files.


Does anyone know of a way to automate this process?  We would like them to be automatically downloaded on a regular basis, if at all possible.


Thanks for any ideas...

Hello all,

This might seem like a pretty elementary question but I can't seem to be able to figure out how to export data from Salesforce. On the help section, it says I'll need the "Apex Data Loader export wizard". Where do I find that and how do I install that?

Thank you.

Is there a tool in salesforce.com that can be used for daily backups? Also is there a way to schedule this run at a specific time every day. We have to take daily backups everyday for some basic objects like Accounts, Opportunties, etc from salesforce.com.
We are already using salesforce.com tool for weekly backups that sent out an email of the zip file.
Your response is very much appreciated.
Thanks and regards,
  • April 02, 2007
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I have a quick question (although i do not expect the answer to be so short ) regarding the back up and restoration data from the SFDC database.

Does anyone have an automted export script/tool, Along with this has anyone got a process to on how to get the data back in? I am not talking one or two contacts. I am refering to if all opportunities get deleted etc.

I am aware of the recycle bin but this is not everything we want.

any help you may be able to offer would be welcomed!



  • September 14, 2005
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