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Has anyone else noticed the System Log hanging after the Winter 12 Sandbox release?  In both Chrome and IE the system log seems to peg the CPU @ 50% and the browsers become unresponsive.  Our team is rapidly aproaching development deadlines and this is delaying our progress quite severely.  


Any insights that may resolve would be greatly appreciated!

Stumped on an error: Non-selective query against large object type (more than 100000 rows). My query is on the assets object which does have over 700k records. However, the exact query runs fine in a class or anonymous block. It only throws the error when executing from a trigger. I've tried indexing one of the fields in the WHERE clause, but I'm still getting the error. Open ticket with Salesforce has not been helpful, so I'm rather desperate - has anyone here run into this?



Select id, name, SerialNumber from Asset where IsVisionLink__c = false and Exception_from_Disable__c = true  and source__c != null and source__c = 'CN_CCFL_OU'



Again - query runs just fine in an anonymous block.  The source__c field has been marked as an external id, which should mean it is indexed.  Why am I still getting this error?  Have an open ticket with Salesforce, but they have not been helpful thus far.

  • September 21, 2011
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We have a scenario where approximatly 20000 users might login at the same time and do some basic processing.

Does Salesforce support this kind of concurrency ?


Also if 20000 concurrent requests were to be sent via the SOAP API is that supported as well?




  • September 20, 2011
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Hi All,


I am try to get the content body information of the textarea using javascript or jquery.



<apex:inputTextarea value="{!event_badge__c.Name_Badge_Body__c}" id="event_badge_text" styleClass="event_badge_text" richText="true"/>


am using richText="true" didnt get any information using javascript.


var con = document.getElementById("j_id0:event_from:j_id5:j_id13:event_badge_text___Frame").contentWindow.document.body.innerHTML;    alert(con);


using this code only get first iframe content but i didnt get the content inforamtion of the textarea.


if any one have anu idea about this issue why its happening?


Thanks & Regards


I have been working on this issue for a few days now, trying to understand why this form will not capture the date entered using the standard salesforce functionality and date picker. What is weird is that I have another form using the exact same code to capture a date and it is working perfectly.

There are no referenced to the field in the controller for either page, yet the page that I have included below does not save the date, while the other form does.


This is the code for the inputfield that should store a value to NewForm.Date_Needed__c, I ripped right out of my component for the form:


 <apex:pageBlockSectionItem >
            <apex:outputLabel >When is the new account required by? </apex:outputLabel>
        <apex:pageBlockSectionItem >
            <apex:inputField required="true" value="{!NewForm.Date_Needed__c}"/>

 The only difference in the use of the code snippet between forms is placement. This is the second set of pageblocksection items in the pageblocksection for the form I am having trouble with, while the other form has it as the last set of items before the pageblocksection is closed. Any help would be appreciated, I understand this isnt much to go off of, I will upload my component and controller if anybody would find it helpful. I am hoping there is something wrong with this snippet, making this problem an easy fix.

i have a key as a byte array like this


byte[] key={1,45,12,74,52,....upto 32 bytes values}


can someone tell me how to use the above array in encrypt (algo_name,key,IV,data) function?


The function parameter key require a 32 byte blob value. I have no idea how to convert the above key array to the valid blob format of 32 bytes.

Can someone tell me how to represent a byte array in apex?

Say i have a byte array 

byte[] vk = {1,24,45,26,75};

is there is some way to write this array in salesforce? 

please replay, the answer that solve this will be selected as a best answer. thanks

Hello all,

I am trying to either write a trigger or an APEX class that will copy a lead record into a custom object I have called Candidates. 


We installed the lab force.com application called Recruiting and will be using this to track employment candidates at my organization.  What I would like to do is use the Web to Lead functionality to capture candidates information from our public site as a special lead record.  Then have a trigger or class take that lead record and insert a new record, using all the lead fields, into a custom object called Candidates.


Do any of you out there know if this is possible, have any code samples or done anything like this?


Thanks for your help.



Is it possible to develop a trigger so that a custom field that is filled with the aggregate of entries in a field of a related list? For example, for our contacts we have a related list of projects - each of these falls under 1 of 7 themes.  We would like to create a custom field that is automatically populated with all of the themes on any of the related projects, and then be able to add additional themes manually. Very new to cloud development so any help is appreciated!

When i fetch date field value in my visualforce page it gives like this "Fri Sep 09 00:00:00 GMT 2011", i need to change the format as dd/mm/yyyy in my custom visualforce page.

I have created a custom button called Send Notification which opens a send email window. Here is the code:




The challenge I am having is twofold:

1. When I click the button, on the Send Email screen, there is no From field so I cannot select the same system address we use for cases so responses go directly into the custom tab item. 

2. Once the email is sent, you are not taken back to the previous page, but to the senders Profile page in Salesforce. Why?


Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • September 15, 2011
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I need a bit of assistance from the Salesforce community.  I attended Cloudfroce today and the penny finally dropped; point & click will get you so far, but if you want to get the most from Salesforce you must get into development; so I would like to take some baby steps by learning how to write triggers.


I am mainly an admin who is trying to do some development work.  Where would you recommend I start to get the basics /  correct syntax, etc for triggers?


I have a custom object with 3 date fields.  I have workflow rules which are linked to these dates.  I would like the trigger to fire off the workflow rule on the relevant dates.


Thanking you in advance

  • September 14, 2011
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I am able to get PopUp using apex coding as explained in the below link.




But page include is not working.i.e the page which is included in the PopUp using <apex:pageInclude>. Can any one please guide how to include page in the PopUp











There is no lookup relationship field on User object.


I have created one object and needed to link with the User object. But there is no lookup relationship option available on User object.


Why there is no lookup relationship available on User object? Any specific reason?



Devendra S