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We have an immediate requirement for a mobile app to be developed.  I think what we need can be achieved on the current Salesforce One mobile app platform.


We have a specific brief of what it needs to do and I am looking to discuss with a (ideally London based) developer or company.






If anyone can help me it would be most appreciated.


I need to do two things at once....



1. Click a custom button on account page, which launches a visualforce page (opening in Word)  with the accuont details in a formatted style (our new customer form), which our team can then print out.   This bit I can do


2. At the same time, update a field on the account page with today's date, to let salesforce know what date they were signed up on.  This could provide valuable data to start analysing.


Can anyone help ?


It feels like either my visual force page also needs some code to update the account 'closed date' field


Or I need the custom button to execute javascript that updates the 'closed date' field and then launches the visualforce page.



Not sure if possible ?




One of my custom links sets up a merge with a word document.


I also want it to change a pick list accuont field from "No" to "Yes"


Is this possible ?  Can anyone help ?


I am running group edition of salesforce, but I'm told this shouldn't matter for this type of thing.