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I have a picklist field in the Lead object called sales_Rep__c that contains a number of values that are segregated by Lead Record Type.  The organization wants to use this methodology rather than a lookup field.  So my hands are tied.


What I want to do is to change the values in this picklist when another custom field called Vendor_Role__c is changed in a  User object record.


I need to be able t add to this picklist and delete values from it.


Is there any way to perform this function from with a trigger on the User object?


I'm not sure how to access the Lead field metadata.



The Lead object in our org has over 500 custom fields; we got SFDC to extend the custom  field limit.


When I try to open the metadata for my Lead object, Eclipse just hangs.  I've waited for over 30 minutes but no joy.  The actual metadata file is over 8 MB.


Any suggestions?


Mike (Gordy) Gordon