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user u:[Select Id,IS_Code__c,Deployable_Field__c from User where
Deployable_Field__c like :'%|'+IS_number or Deployable_Field__c like


I have this query in trigger on Account (insert,update)


this query dosent return rows in trigger,but same thing is giving rows when it is executed in Anynomus block..


please help me out in this

  1. The Files or documents that are attached in Sales Force need to be stored on premise in Sharpoint as well.

I am using vf page :


<span style="font-size: small;"><apex:pagestandardController="YourSObjectName" extensions="VFFileUpload">


<apex:pageBlock title="Upload Attachment">

<apex:inputFile style="width:100%" id="fileToUpload" value="{!fileBody}" filename="{!fileName}" />

            <apex:commandButton value="Upload Attachment" action="{!UploadFile}"/>







<span style="font-size: small;">public class VFFileUpload


public Id recId

        {    get;set;    } 




recId = ctlr.getRecord().Id;      



public string fileName

        {    get;set;    } 


public Blob fileBody

        {    get;set;    } 





if(fileBody != null &&fileName != null) 


              Attachment myAttachment  = new Attachment(); 

myAttachment.Body = fileBody; 

myAttachment.Name = fileName; 

myAttachment.ParentId = recId; 


pr = new PageReference('/' + myAttachment.Id); 




return null; 




My Query is:


  1. http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api/Content/sforce_api_objects_attachment.htm


The attachment body is a base64 type. The file name is any file name like “something.doc”


Now my question instead of calling “insert myAttachment” can’t a custom web service be called i and the result will be a URL which could be set with PageReference object or any other API.


The webservice will take in parameters like filename, fileData (base64 encoded string) , some metadata and  return a link or URL which can be hooked to the SalesForce page




Please let me know how to achive?and share if u have any code samples

I am looking in to Force.com Canvas to package a third-party Web App and have a question on one of the documented Force.com Canvas limits.
The Canvas framework document says that it limits 'Number of Force.com Canvas calls per day per user (24–hour period)' to 5,000.

Does it say that the Web App can make up to 5,000 Salesforce Canvas SDK calls?
or Does it say that the Web App can make a total of 5,000 calls including the calls that are made to the third-party Web App's API server hosted outside Salesforce?

Please note that the third-party Web App (and its API server) is hosted in a thrid-party cloud infrastructure in its own domain.


Hi all ,

     i want to integrate salesforce with constantcontact using oauth authentication. for this i wrote aclass like this.



public class Constantcontactoauth{public void invokeExternalWs(){Http h = new Http();   HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();        final string username = 'Apikey%username%Consumer Secret';         Blob headerValue = Blob.valueOf(username);     String authorizationHeader = 'oauth' +EncodingUtil.base64Encode(headerValue);          req.setHeader('Authorization',authorizationHeader);           req.setHeader('Host','https://oauth.constantcontact.com/ws/oauth/request_token');    req.setHeader('Connection','keep-alive');    req.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/atom+xml');    req.setMethod('POST');     req.setbody('https://oauth.constantcontact.com/ws/oauth/request_token');      req.setEndpoint('https://oauth.constantcontact.com/ws/oauth/confirm_access');           HttpResponse res = h.send(req);      system.debug(res.getbody());


All credentials are valid. But i got an response like Status=Bad Request, StatusCode=400.whats wrong in my code.Please can any one help me.


Thanks in advance.


  • August 29, 2011
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Can anybody help me how can i do this

When an email  record is created and linked to a Case, then attachment files linked to the email record moved to be part of the Attachments related list for the Case, not the Email.


My trigger code is



trigger emailAttachment on EmailMessage (after insert) {
 Attachment[] atts = new Attachment[] {};
 for (Attachment a : [Select ID, ParentID From Attachment Where ParentID IN: trigger.new])
  a.ParentId = trigger.newMap.get(a.ParentID).ParentID;
 if (!atts.isEmpty())
  update atts;



this is giviming me no rows.

how can i do this? can anybody help me plz ?

Thanks in Advance

I have created a trigger which is calling an external web service to synchronize the leads creation/deletion process. When i delete/create leads the web service is working fine but when i mass upload it(mass import process..) or mass delete process (when it reaches its max limit..i.e. 250) it throws an exception and an error mail is generated with this error "System.CalloutException: IO Exception: Read timed out" error. I have also added the timeout_x property in my code to the max value(60000). But still its throwing the same error. Kindly help. Thanks in advance. Shaveta
We're building a help system, one with a similar hierarchy as the salesforce help.  I've been having trouble finding documentation on structuring and populating nested lists using visualforce.  We have our content divided into custom objects as follows...

application - top level, not displayed, used to control the content being displayed in multiple customer portals
grouping - Above the list, names act as headers above the tree
category - these categories exand out to show topics
topic - When clicked these open directions in a div to the right of the menu.

so where I'm at...

I have a custom controller that populates the grouping list.  I'm not sure if this should even be a list since its the header for the lists contained with .

public class CODhelp {

List<grouping__c> grouping;

public List<grouping__c> getgrouping() {
if(grouping == null) grouping = [select name from Grouping__c where application__r.name = 'cod'];
return grouping;

Then I'm creating the list in the visualforce page using the following markup...

<apex:dataList value="{!grouping}" var="grouping__c" id="theList">
<apex:outputText value="{!grouping__c.name}" styleclass="treeHeader"/>

This currently works to populate a list of grouping names for the application "cod".  However I need to go deeper for categories, topics and then the directions (which is a custom field of topic).

The html needed to generate our menu looks like this...

<ul class="tree">
<dt class="treeHeader">Grouping</dt>
<li class="closed"><a href="#">Category 1</a>
<li><a href="directions">Topic 1</a></li>
<li><a href="directions">Topic 2</a></li>

Unfortunately, I'm at a loss on how to generate this structure using visualforce and populate it with the data from our custom objects.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or assistance on how to successfully achieve the desired result.


I have setup email to case on my server I have also successfully configured the large attachment processing. The problem that I have is  with the attachments they are not case attachments they are attachments to the email that created the case and can only show up under the related lists on the case.
Is there a way to do any of the following.
1. Modify email-to-case code to make the email attachments case attachment?
2. Have the email-to-case app put the link from the large attachment processing in the case body?
The reason I need to do this is it takes almost 5 clicks of the mouse to finally get to the attachment and all of our cases will have attachments and this makes the process to difficult for support people
Anyone Please Help!
I'll be doing some SFDC consulting for an old employer of mine and wondered what the going hourly rate would be for the following servies:

- System Administration/Support
- General OnGoing Configuration
- Custom Object Development
- Report Building
- Business Process Analysis & Design
- New SFDC Application Development

I realize the answer to this question could vary based on a number of variables not listed here, but I'm curious to hear the thoughts of those on this job board.


John Cannava