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We need input on how to integrate Salesforce with our website.


We are currently in the process of determine how to integrate Salesforce with our website. Basically, there are three options as fare as we can see:

1) Use Force.com Sites to build the whole website (and maybe use OrchestraCMS)
2) Build an external website and include Force.com Sites when needed (using iframes)
3) Build an external website and use Salesforce API to access data

Our immediate thoughts are to keep the website on one of the standard CMS (Wordpress or similar) and use Salesforce API to access and insert data into Salesforce.


To limit the number of API calls we hope it would be possible to use the API to create and save a XML file on the web server with all necessary data on all accounts. The XML file could be updated each hour and be used to display data on the website (member list, number of members etc.). When data needs to be updated in Salesforce (new leads) we will make a API call.


We would be very thankful for any feedback on this. What would you recommend? Anything special we should be aware of?





We are a small non-profit organisation (working to protect children from sex tourism) based in Bangkok. We are about to implement Saleforce and are therefor looking for a a freelancer that would come to Thailand for a couple of days to help us get started.


The plan is that you need to work 1 day before arrival (to prepare and get us started with data collection) and 2 days while you are in Thailand (for implementation and training).


We are able to pay the air tickets and cover all other expenses for a week in Thailand (only 2 days work) if someone is interested in helping our cause and see a bit of Thailand.


We plan to add a line of cloud-based services (elearning, portals, website etc.) on top of the CRM in the next phase. Which is why it is very important that we get a good start and get help from someone who has a greater insight in the Force.com platform.


For the right person there could be more (paid) work afterwards.