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Doc says:
When Shared Activities is enabled, the EventRelation object can also represent a Who or What object. Events can have up to 11 relationships when relating to Contacts: 10 Contacts and one other relationship to Account,Asset,Campaign,Case,Contract, Opportunity, Product, Solution, or custom object. Events can have up to two relationships when relating to Leads: one Lead and one other relationship to Account, Asset, Campaign,Case,Contract, Opportunity,Product,Solution or custom object. The EventRelation object represents this relationship.
But I was able to create a single event in one org(which has some leads) which has 2 leads and 2 contact and 2 users as invitee. I believe as per the doc, I should not be able to create such event. Please advise. Thanks!

When we click on particular profile's Desktop Client Access, we have options for

Connect for Lotus Notes 
Connectt for Microsoft Outlook 
Connect for Office 

Where are these values are stored in salesforce objects? These fields can have 5 types of values with On(4 types) and Off(1 types). I want to get these values by soql. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

  • September 13, 2012
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Hi - I get a client posting what appears to be a valid SAML2 Bearer grant to a Salesforce access token endpoint. The error is

"user hasn't approved this consumer".


I guess "the consumer" is identified by a client_id of the registered Remote/Connected application. When I build a SAML2 assertion I use that "client_id" as an issuer and my own login name as "subject name".


So I have this application with my Salesforce account view, but how do I get this connected application 'approved' ?