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Hi. Perhaps some on can help me with this.


I have an apex web service developed in my organization which will me consumed by an external server. In other ocasions, I will be consumin a web service from the other external server.



We need to enable Single Sing On (SSO) with SAML (which will be provided by the oter server), so users login into the external server and then they will be able to consume our service without having to login to SFDC.


It's this possible to do? If so...should I modify my webservice method to enable the authenticathion?



Any comment will help.



Thank you!

hi there,


I have a simple question.  I know how to throw errors from apex triggers by using the sObject.addErrors method.  This gets displayed on the UI as a red error message.   Is there a way to throw info level messages that show up as a non-critical message?  Or will I have to write something custom like set the info messages in a field from the trigger and display that field in a info message section on the UI?