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We are doing iOS Mobile app integration with Salesforce through REST API. For the syncing prospective we also need to get the deleted records info from SFDC. When we are using SOQL "SELECT IsDeleted,Name FROM Table__c ALL ROWS", it is not fetching the deleted records. Is there any way to achieve this?




Here is my issue, I am getting the old "REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: TotalRequests Limit exceeded" error. I want to at least do my best to not cause that moving forward by throttling what I'm doing if I see the limits creeping up. I know how to login and go to the company info tab and see but I would love to do this programmatically. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


See screenshot if you are not sure what I am talking about.




We are currently running numerous soql queries via the rest api.


The issue we see is that sporadically throughout the day we will receive


"message"=>"Your query request was running for too long.", "errorCode"=>"QUERY_TIMEOUT"


errors.  The same queries will run fine at diffferent times during the day as well..


So my quesiton is what are the limits/timeout settings using the REST API.  In the documentation I don't see anything about how to set a time out or any limit settings, like we could do in the SOAP API..  We think it appears to be timing out around 1 minute.


Any help is appreciated..

Hi all,


I'm trying to start a Job via the Bulk API to query the AccountHistory table, but I get this error:


'Unknown exception in Async API. Please contact support with ID: ###'


Same goes for LeadHistory, etc.  Are the History tables not supported in the Bulk query API?