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I have received two trused certificates that I need to import to my saleforce Org.  I have successfully added them to a key store, but when I import that key store file, salesforce does nothing, no error, no message, it just ignores the content of the file.  If I add a self-signed key pair to the same file, that is detected and imported, but not the cerficates I've added.  I have no control over these certificates, how can I load them?

Hi All,


Is it possible to get Profile's Record Type list by Salesforce Query? I have checked the profile table but there are no any records in such table.

If it is not possible then how can i get all activated recordType list.





I have a custom button on the Event Page Layout designed to summarize the account/contact/event information from an event.


However, we require that an account be associated to the event in order to use the button.


The What field can be a number of different object types.


How can I programmatically ensure that the what is in fact an account and not something else?


Using javascript, I attempted to use the accountid:


var eventAccount = '{!Event.accountId }';


but there is no actual accountid field on Events.


"Field Event.accountId does not exist. Check spelling."


Is there a way to access accountid via javascript?


Thanks for the help!

I recently ran into a problem where a Visualforce page was throwing a cryptic error message related to a custom picklist (apex:selectList).  The complete error was something like:


j_id0:frmSelectProductsServicesw:filterSection:j_id10:j_id15:selectedPF:Validation Error: Value is not valid


After some digging and research here in the forums, testing and a call to Tech Support it seemed the cause and solution for similar problems didn't quite apply.  I eventually found the solution (in my case) and wanted to share it in hopes that it would help others.


The cause was due to a conflict between the underlying stored data in SFDC and how certain controls behave when rendered to HTML.  In this case, there was a double space embedded in the underlying data between the Z and I in the value Product.Family field (eg. ‘S&U Z  Internal’). 



  1. For Visualforce controls (ie. apex.outputField, apex.outputText, apex:selectList) and modes (ie. edit and view), every control ultimately must renders as HTML.  Typical HTML rendering behavior suppresses any extra spaces within text.  That is why it is common practice to use the &nbsp to chain multiple spaces together. 
  2. In this case, the underlying stored data in the Product.Family field included a double space:
          ‘S&U Z  Internal’
    however when it was rendered to the screen, the HTML took control and used only a single space:
          ‘S&U Z Internal’
  3. Once the user clicked the submit button to begin the search, the picklist in this case tried to cross-reference the selected value with the actual data that was bound to the control and found no match, thus the cryptic error that was returned - “selectedPF:Validation Error: Value is not valid”.
          ‘S&U Z  Internal’ != ‘S&U Z Internal’


Funny thing is, when the underlying data is rendered in a input textbox (ie. apex.inputText), the double space is displayed.  Once I removed the double space from the underlying data, the error was fixed.


Hopefully this solution helps.

Thanks to Sreenivas Voore in Premiere Tech Support.