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Hi - is it possible to export a field that is of type "Long Text Area" into a CSV using the Apex Data Loader? I tried that and it seems like Apex Data Loader is not exporting the field. I know we can't filter on a Long Text Area using the WHERE clause, but is there anywhere in the documentation that says it is possible? Thanks for the help.




Can anyone please help me how to migrate Converted leads from one Box to another.


Or if anyone knows how to convert bulk amount of leads from data loader that is also be helpful for me. 




Hi all, I'm trying to run a simple trigger before delete. The error I'm getting is:

System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object

trigger deleteMultiday on SFDC_Special_Event__c (before delete) {

        for (SFDC_Special_Event__c co : Trigger.new)

        }//end main for

}//end trigger

 I originally had logic in the loop but removed it to see if it was causing the error. But the error is still showing with this code. The above code works perfectly in insert/update triggers.