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We have three java web applications running on weblogic server in three different domains. we have the context path as "/" for each of the three apps (eg: http://IP:port/). Now we have a requirement to move all the three apps in to a single

weblogic domain (will have the same port for all three apps), this forced us to define context path for each of the three

apps instead of "/". But when we run our app with context-path i.e as as http://IP:port/context-path then our script files, images are not loading up.


All our UI files are xsl/xml files.


Below are sample definitions in our xsl files

<scriptlanguage="javascript" src="/common/genericfunc.inc"></script>
<scriptlanguage="javascript" src="/common/menufunc.inc"></script>
<scriptlanguage="javascript" src="/common/framefunc.inc"></script>


But they are loading if we prepend context path i.e as

<scriptlanguage="javascript" src="(context-path)/common/genericfunc.inc"></script>
<scriptlanguage="javascript" src="(context-path)/common/menufunc.inc"></script>
<scriptlanguage="javascript" src="(context-path)/common/framefunc.inc"></script>


But adding it the above way will result in each and every file change in all our three apps.

Is there any other way to fix with out modifying all the files.