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My users want to have a recent items sidebar in the Service Console app. How can do this? Thank you!!

I'd like all members in a queue to receive a case email notification each time a case changes ownership from an user to a queue.

In the queue settings I leave Queue Email blank and Send Email to Members unchecked so all queue memebers should receive an email notification. However, none of the Queue Memebers receives it. 

Only the user who owned the case before it was assigned to the queue receives an email notification becuase the Send Email Notification is checked when I changed the owner on the Case detail page.

How can the queue send a case email notification to all queue memebers?

Thank you!!

Hi everyone,


I would like some users of my company to be able to fill out forms which information goes directly to SFDC. I thought about something like Customer Portal but it's expensive for what they actually need.


Would it be possible to have a place (site,.URL,visualforce page,....web-to-form??) where users can enter some data in a particular form without buying a license for each of them? They access to Salesforce information should be restricted to strictly the form they want to fill out.


Thank you!!

I would like to create a custom button in the Contact detail page that when we click on it, it sends an email template capturing the information of that paricular contact.


How can I do this? Any code would be very much appreciate it!



I would like to mass update leads which have workflow rules that update records in another sytem.


Is there outbound messsages limit in SFDC? As I'm using the Unlimited Edition, I understand I have unlimited API requrests but wondering if SOAP API migh impact the number of outbound messages sent.



Does anyone knows if there is a way or app/tool that:

  1. Create new records when importing into SFDC
  2. Block duplicates before they go into SFDC
  3. Create a report that I can extract to another file (e.g excel)? with all the duplicates that were not imported into SFDC?


Is it possible to autoupdate or autopopulate a picklist? I have a picklist with users name. If a user changes his name, the new user name should be displayed in the picklist and the old name should be gone.


Salesforce has the following maximum occurance limit when creating a recurring series of events:

o Daily: 100
o Weekly: 53
o Monthly: 60
o Yearly: 10

How can I create an event that last forever? Is there a way I can overcome this limit?