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Hi guys,

I see so much info on this but I am still unable to figure it out!

Our SF set up is Hong Kong. So, all times (LastModifiedDate, etc) are saved and displayed on SF as per the HK timezone..

I am trying to use SOQL to retrieve data.

my $result = $sforce->do_query("Select LastModifiedDate,Id,Name From Job__c where LastModifiedDate>=2018-01-17T00:00:00.000Z and LastModifiedDate<=2018-01-17T23:59:00.000Z" ); 

Does the above mean 17th Jan from 00:00 to 2359 UTC?

HK is in the +8 timezone. So if I want to see the records created during the day of 17th Jan as per the HK timezone how would I modify the DateTime part? Supposed to be easy but I am still struggling with it!


Hi everyone,
I have a tricky situation. I am able to add  contacts as event invitees through apex code but an email is not being sent . On the Event record, the contact names are being populated in the " Has'nt Responded " section of the related list. Only if the contact accepts the invitation, his name would come up in the " Accepted " section of the related list . Untill and unless contact gets an email, he/she cannot accept the invitation.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have a list of events that I want to insert. The invitations should just go to the Owner (who is a User). 

When I create an Event through the user interface I can click Save & Send Invitation. Is there a way to replicate that functionality in Apex?

I have a list called EventsToInvite.


This is what I've tried:

Database.DMLOptions options = new database.DMLoptions();
options.EmailHeader.TriggerUserEmail = true;
options.EmailHeader.TriggerOtherEmail = true;

Temporarily I have it working through a workflow rule and email notification, but I'd like to just use the Salesforce functionality if possible so I don't have to style email templates.


I have a object "proposal" with 2 lookup fields (not master relationship) : one for product and one for insurrance

What would be the syntax in "proposal" email template to call field from product / insurrance


I have tried many syntax but still empty : exemple for company field











Moreover is is possible to write in email template something like :

if (!Proposal__c.Type="xxx")


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Thanks for your help since I could not any document on this

NB : If I have thought about visualforce email but it seems that you can only add 1 related Object and I need 2


It appears that my workflow rule which should be triggered when a lead record is updated and the lead status = closed - converted, only is triggered if I click edit and manually update the status.  My rule is not triggered when I click lead conversion even though the status is updated to closed - converted.  Is there anyway to trigger a workflow rule when a lead is converted?