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Hey guys,

I've created a custom button that takes the user to the lead conversion page. I'm hoping to populate the Account Name picklist with a suggested account by passing the relevant info in the url. So far all I've been able to do is add the account id to the picklist, with it showing up as both the label and value in the picklist. 
Does anyone know of a way to pass both the account name and account id in the url so that they appears as an entry in the picklist with both the label and value set properly? 
Here's what I have so far:



I've created an app that allows users to post  messages to each others Chatter feeds. 

This app uses "Chatter in Apex" (the ConnectApi), specifically 


ConnectApi.FeedItemInput feedItem = ChatterMessenger.convertToFeedItemInput(messageContent);

ConnectApi.ChatterFeeds.postFeedItem(null, ConnectApi.FeedType.UserProfile, userDetails[0].Id, feedItem, null);

The app is deployed as a managed package, however when I try to install the package on an organisation that has chatter disabled, the installation fails even though the Chatter dependency box is unticked. 


I know one of the solutions is to remove all references to Chatter and to use reflection as discussed  here but I was hoping to avoid this approach. Since "Chatter in Apex" is relatively new, I thought there might be a newer/better solution to handling the case where Chatter is not enabled by an organisation.

I'm working on a visualforce page that requires some javascript remoting.  I've run into a funny issue that I'm hoping someone will have run into before and help me out.  This page has been developed and working for a long time but has just recently started to give us problems.  It now throws a javascript error: line 122 on VFRemote.js: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘RemoteClassController’ of undefined".  Here is the current code: 

In javascript:
function save(){
} function handleUpdatesCheck(result, event) { ... }

global with sharing class RemoteClassController {
global static List<String> remoteMethod(String param1, String param2, String param3){


This javascript remoting call works (nothing else changes):



I'd really like to get this figured out and use the original code.  We are using managed packages and the original code works nicely with being packaged.  We're using API version 26 right now.  Does anyone know why this error is being thrown??