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In one of my Sandbox ORG's, I've my IP range added, and I am able to login to the website, but the Force.com IDE simply won't allow me in...keeps telling me that my credentials are wrong.

Any help will be much appreciated.


We our developing an application using sites and customer portal. We have created a customsettings object with 2-3 fields. Now, we need to access these fields from customsettings inside a formula field. This formula works in salesforce;but does not work in Sites.


Any one has any ideas about this? or salesforce doesnot allow to access the customsettings on Sites?

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Rustic Pathways is a 29-year global leader in providing superior quality community service, adventure, language immersion, and life skills programs to high school students, teacher-led groups, and families worldwide. 


We have an opening for a Salesforce.com developer.  This is a flexible position that would accomodate either a relatively new SFDC dev or an individual with more experience.  Salary and training would reflect the difference in qualifications.


View posting:



Organization site:





We are planning a project to develop a mobile application using Database.com and html5. The product is fairly simple and involves data capture related to a specialized SFA application. Contact me to discuss your background and experience developing other mobile applications. Ed McAdoo Emcadoo@axiomsfd.com

we are looking for an experienced force.com developer to rebuild our current .net application in force.com

can be a full time job.  Start immediately.   Toronto, Canada

  • January 25, 2012
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I am an experienced SalesForce Administrator who needs a developer to help implement potentially complex workflow configurations within our salesforce org.  This individual should have strong experience with apex coding/triggers and visualforce experience would be a plus.  


Please respond if this sounds like your area of expertise and we can get on a call to discuss our specific needs in more detail.









  • January 18, 2012
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Urgently need Salesforce Architect for a 2-3 months project in Seattle


Job Discription :


This is a Salesforce implementation project. We need to migrate their home grown .net application into Salesforce.
They have global operations. They have already done a pilot now want to do the real implementation.
There is a high chance that the project duration will extend.


Please contact anuradha.sinha@mansasys.com

  • January 09, 2012
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We are looking for a freelance Force.com developer with immediate availability to assist on a proof of concept development. This may result in a longer deployment in the future.


Please respond with details of experience and email address and we will make contact to discuss the opportunity further.


Many Thanks



ORIAC Solutions Ltd

I'm looking for offshore SFDC developers (preferably India) to work with ongoing projects periodically in future. Need a reliable and capable individual with at least 2 years of experience in customizing SF, writing triggers, building VF pages and also integration projects. I would prefer to deal with someone working independently as a freelancer or part-time. If interested, PM me, and we'll discuss further. salesforcechamps@gmail.com

We developed a scoring engine using APEX to score client's answers to questions in an intake form and match those answers against eligibility criteria for our programs and services. We want to make considerable improvements to this scoring engine that may require to rewrite the code entirely. And we want to create a referral system to allow sharing clients information with our partner organizations who would have access to our database via a portal. Think you can help? Please contact Jose at 415-839-8840.

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  • July 29, 2009
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In one of my Sandbox ORG's, I've my IP range added, and I am able to login to the website, but the Force.com IDE simply won't allow me in...keeps telling me that my credentials are wrong.

Any help will be much appreciated.




We need a developer to create an API that pushes data after the sale to Salesforce. Would need to create a new Account/Contact, Opportunity, and product line items.  There are a few other details that we would need to be handled but that's the basics.  We want this to push in real time or at end of day.


We use Shopsite as our ecommerce platform. Here are there API specs: http://shopsite.com/developer_tools.html


We would have some additional development as we slowly build out things but this would be stage 1.




Kris Olson




  • May 27, 2009
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I have recently established www.ekobai.com which is a unique site which allows buyers to locate environmentally responsible suppliers and products from China and Asia (i.e. those with some 3rd party certification to prove their credentials). To kick start the program to sign up listees, we are looking to utilise salesforce.com and integrate this with our database of users and companies. Initially we want an integration which will allow two way synchronisation and communication with our own database and the contacts stored in Salesforce.com and allow us to send batch e-mails out, including e-mails with links generated by the site based on user data. Ultimately we would like to expand the range of Aps to include things like expense tracking. We are based in HK but are looking for a good contractor anywhere. The platform we have used to build the site is PHP 5, MySQL 5; Framework: CodeIgniter.

If you can help please send your CV including briefly some cases that may be relevant to this. I will be seeking 1-2 references from recent projects if that is OK.

Dylan Tanner, CEO, Ekobai.com
Hello there,
I have a requirement where I need to encrypt/decrypt some data stored on the salesforce.com custom objects .. i.e., I need to encrypt some information, store them in a custom object, and then when needed , I need to query the encrypted information and decrypt it.

Does any force.com API allows me to do this ? or any other way I can achieve this encryption for my data ? I am currently using Flex toolkit for force.com for my project,

I would appreciate any response.

Arun B

I have a small application that needs developed - not allot of work.  Will split the sales.  Should take a couple of hours.  Then I needed it posted on the site for sale etc....   I am located in st. louis -
Trent Anderson -  tmanwade@yahoo.com
Seeking a Salesforce Developer familiar with PHP/MySQL.  This would be a contract position, with ongoing work for a client of ours.

Please contact p.shankar@thinktechlabs.com for more information.

We are facing storage issue since use of heavy attachments and more emails.
We know Case Detachifier Apps is best use in this case.

But it makes dependency with internal server.
How can we hanlde this issue.

Any suggestions highly appreciated

  • August 16, 2007
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Is there current or planned support for compression on the salesforce server side for attachments to custom objects?  Is there planned support for being able to add custom fields to the attachment object (for example if i wanted to add a version number field)?

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I'll be doing some SFDC consulting for an old employer of mine and wondered what the going hourly rate would be for the following servies:

- System Administration/Support
- General OnGoing Configuration
- Custom Object Development
- Report Building
- Business Process Analysis & Design
- New SFDC Application Development

I realize the answer to this question could vary based on a number of variables not listed here, but I'm curious to hear the thoughts of those on this job board.


John Cannava
I'm creating an app for the appexchange and have recently deployed a beta testing version and have found for larger organizations that the data I put into Salesforce eats up a lot of space (10s of MBs). Data is stored between two custom objects.  One of the custom objects is attached per contact and can easily contain 40+ records (this is the one that would be causing large storage sizes).  I'm wondering if there are some good gerneral optimzation procedures. 

The main question I have right now is how adding Notes & Attachments might increase the size.  That functionality is really not necessary so if it eats up a lot of space I should remove it before our full release.  Does anyone know how much adding the Notes & Attachments on to an object increases Data Storage sizes?

*Also, as a general coment, it would be nice to be able to remove Notes & Attachments after creating an object.

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  • September 06, 2006
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I have been doing this with reports for quite a while, and recently tried to do this with views with no success.

Here is my URL:


I also tried this which also did not work:


I am using Ajax to pull a list of Users for a particular region and then I am trying to pass in the Owner Alias of the user they select into a view. I can see the alias in the URL but it does not seem to be passing the value into the view criteria.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.