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We recently implemented Enterprise Territory Management in our organization. I have used the "OppTerrAssignDefaultLogicFilter" apex class to display the territory name in the opportunities. When the button "Run Opportunity Filter" is clicked, the apex class populates the territory name on the  opportunities . I am observing the following issues  with the Apex class:

- Even though the account has only single territory with the maximum priority, the associated opportunity doesn't get the territory assigned
-Under the same account one opportunity gets territory assigned whereas the other opportunity doesn't get territory assigned
- I have even tried to run this class for small group of records. Still not all the records get the territory assigned.

Note: We have only one Territory model active

For a few days (since Thursday 8th, but not on Saturday and Sunday, and never during the night), we encounter exceptions we never had before when creating Attachements using the API. We have 2 different exceptions that occur :
BlobField : U#15f.3fffffff (Attachment) U#15f.aff (Body) got exception Request timed out waiting for connection: [config 200ms, actual 215ms] - SERVER_UNAVAILABLE: Request timed out waiting for connection: [config 200ms, actual 236ms]

BlobField : U#15f.3fffffff (Attachment) U#15f.aff (Body) got exception Exception by writeBlob: BlobField: Attachment 00PD000000glfYF 

It is to be noticed that we have the first one during several hours, then the second one during several hours, and back to the first, and so on.
And during peak hours, these exceptions are totally random. If we regenerate the same query, it works fine.

It seems that there is a problem with the Oracle database of SF. The fact that it occurs on peak hours/days makes us think there is something of a degradation performance ? We are on EU1.

Thanks for the dedicated team of Salesforce for their help with that issue.