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Hi All,
I am wokring on a lightning component that in a community. my community is not laoding and no error message is coming in consle. but when i click on right side of console my cursor stopped at below point in beacon.js file - 

"onBeaconResponse":function(action) {
        if ("SUCCESS" === action.getState()) {
            var logLines = action.getReturnValue();
        } else {
            this.queue.push.apply(this.queue, action.getParam('batch'));

I dont kow what is beacon.js file, and form where is getting uplaoded. 
I am getting Unabe to Lock Row wile inseting reocrods - 

1. I am fetching Inventory reserve records form database by using SOQL query. Inventory reserve has a look up of sales order line. -> So I am gettinh SO Lines from inventory reserves.-> I am updating list of sales order lines 
I am gettig unable to lock row while updating sales order line.

I can use "FOR UPDATE" key word while quering Inventory reserve records, but my doubt that error is coming while updating sales order lines , so It will work??

Hi All, I am calling a middleware system form apex, before calling the webservice Ist I set connection with the system. In this way there are 3 http callout in one apex transation. In my 1st callout which returns me PingToken, m getting callout read time out error. I got to know that I can increase the time out Limit but it can be max 120 sec in whole tranation. default is 10 sec, How I should decide to increase time limit of my first http request in my apex transaction?

Hi All,

I struck while working on JS on VF page and need urgetn solution.

my first screed contanins a list with select box. When i press enter on this screen, its next button(command cutton) should work.
On press enter/ clicking the next button, complete form is rerendered.

but when controll goes to second page, the complete screen hanged. 
My first screen and 2nd screen is on the same VF page. only different section is rendered on first and second screen.
Second screen contains text field, text box, and command button.

I have written below code for handling enter 

<script type="text/javascript">
    function replaceEnter(){

        var e = window.event;
          if (e.keyCode == 13){
              var btnId='';
              if('{!strStep}' == '1'){
                  btnId ='ProdSelectionPage_Fav:mainform:pbmain:pageblckBtnSec:cmdNext';
              var getButton= document.getElementById(btnId);


Hii All,
I have a query that should we apply try - catch block in complete method ciovering all lines or only for those that generate exceptions like DML statements.
my concern that what we want that our functionalty should not break any where , in case any exception occurs (any kind) it should be in message format. But issue is it will create problem in test classes as trst classes also nit fails due to exception handling and it will be difficult to find out for test coverage.

please let me know your thoughts.
If we execute annonymous block, code is run ion context of current user. My question is if we define a class in annonymou block as without sharing than also that class code will run in current user context?
Anybody let me know when to use rest api and when to use soap? Please reply in in simple language with example/application.
Have anybody worked on community portal?
I want to get knowlodge about self registration. what changes are to be done in selfRegistrationController
I am getting error - Your request cannot be processed at this time. The site administrator has been alerted.

Hi All,

I'm facing issue when I load Lightning page with Locker Service enabled.
When I deactivate the "Locker Service", the slider [Jquery Plugin] is working fine in my lightning page.
I'm using "Slider" js files from Static Resources for my lightning page.

With Locker Service Enabled:
User-added image

Without Locker Service
User-added image

When page get loads,we're getting the following error
" WARNING: SecureElement: [object HTMLDivElement]{ key: {"namespace":"c"} } does not allow getting/setting the disabled attribute, ignoring!"

I've explored it in salesforce document, in which they told that "they can served from Static Resources and approved by security".
For Reference:

Do we need to do any other process to get approve?
Can you please let us know how to get approve for static resource?


write an SOQL to fetch all the opportunities where more than one record exist with same mame and name contain "ABC"



Any one worked on castiron integration please help me how to deal it.


Thanks in advance