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Our support agents need an expendable/retractable list view of ALL emails from/to a contact, accessible easily from a case in the Service Console.

In a case, we can click on "All Emails", and we get a nice expendable/retractable emails list view, but it display only the emails related to that case.

We are searching for a similar feature listing ALL the emails from/to a contacts.

Ideally, i think the link should appear as my the screenshot below in red, and the results at the same place than the Results when you click on "All Emails"
User-added image

I didnt find how to do it:-(
Thanks in advance for your help.

CMSForce2 is a free content management system from Force.com Labs.  This app is unsupported, but the community posts and answers questions here as well as on the salesforce.com community site.


1. I attempted to install CMSForce2 but received a failure message.  Why won't it install?  The most common problem is that you need an active Force.com site up and running at the time of install.  Post

2. Is there a managed app version of CMSForce2?  No.  CMSForce2 is only available unmanaged.

3. Is this the same as Siteforce?  No.  Siteforce is a product expected to be GA in 2011.

4. Can I insert multiple records with a single call?  Not out of the box (Post).

5. Can I use a picklist in a webform?  Yes (Post).

6. Why can't I add content to CMSForce2?  Your security is probably misconfigured. Check pages 3-4 of the install guide.  Post

  • January 31, 2011
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Does anyone know why an email alert triggered from a workflow would not be creating the associated activity history? Emails sent through the interface, through Apex, and through the API are all logged in activity history (when the appropriate information is set). The email alert is set to be sent to the Contact Email (standard) field.