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I would like to be able to have my sales reps following all opportunities that are part of their sales channel and/or all opportunities that person owns (but even though they own the opportunity, it doesn't mean they own the Account so not sure how to get this set up properly.  Is there a way to set the criteria based on a custom field we created called Sales Channel?  I only see these options and not sure if there's more customization allowed than this:

All Opportunities
Only Opportunities for Accounts I Own
Only Opportunities owned by my direct reports
Only Opportunities above a certain amount
Only Opportunities that reach a certain stage in the sales process
Only Opportunities of a certain Type



i have quick question can we export the reports object data or name of all the report folders by using the data loader.


i want to have a excel sheet of all the folder names and reports under that folder in a excel sheet. OR else could you please suggest me any other way to do it.


i want this as they are many unwanted reports and reports folders are lying there. So want to do a clean up.


Thanks in adavance.