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We are looking at building a custom contact created form and dedupe engine for our sales team to use to validate if a contact exists in the system whilst they are talking to the prospect and to assist in preventing duplicates coming through. We have found something that works near to what we are chasing, weighted dedupe ‘as you type’ functionality with customizable functions (links below). We have hit 2 limits with the products on the market which are very important and are resulting us needing to custom build this (full specs below) and the ability for the sales team to use the contact creation form on their mobile and iPads using the Salesforce1 apps.
Instant feedback dedupe
  • As you type queries (search populated fields every 2 seconds), with duplicates presented to user in a relevant position on page to easily identify a duplicate. The idea is to allow them to quickly click through and not impede or lose what they have already entered on screen.
  • Needs to have alternative layouts for different devices
  • Needs to be compatible with Salesforce1
  • Dedupe on multiple fields with ‘OR’ statements (The list of results needs to have all potential matches not limiting results to exact AND statements)
    • Primary, Secondary fields ie Mobile, Phone, Business, Partner Mobile
    • Thus present multiple potential duplicate records where a mobile field maybe populated in one record and email in another
  • Dedupe type - Exact, Fuzzy, numeric, first n of characters, before/after specific character ie @ with exceptions ie free accounts “gmail.com”
  • Ability to dedupe of multiple criteria with OR statements
  • Rank order matching records to present most likely duplicates at the top
    • Present top 5 or n number of records likely duplicates in system
  • Prevent duplicate creation of exact match of specific fields ie email or mobile
    • Provide a message to allow them to click through to the existing contact and request access
    • In the event that they create the contact with unique details, make historical note against contact that they were present X exact duplicate prior.
  • In the event that a record is then edited to match an existing duplicate thereafter, build a report and send notification to CRM admin (There are a few free SF applications that allow you to do this - doesn't need to be in this but if its easy add it in) 
Most fit solution on the market which we can learn from, the developers were not interested in developing their product further to make it functional on Mobile sadly.
  • https://www.ringlead.com/products/unique-entry/
  • https://www.ringlead.com/resources/videos/unique-entry-whats-new-in-version-3/success/
International company looking for experienced Admin or Developer for multiple projects. Must have experience with Visual Force pages, the ability to build custom applications and experience with Community. 

Projects include
-Custom buttons
-Custom Objects
   - Time Tracking
   - Task Management/Checklists
   - Automated Proposals/Invoicing
-Client facing Community
   - Task Management/Checklists
   - Account Hierarchy 
I wanted to reach out and see if the following two projects we'd like help with are feasible and if so, what it might cost us.

First-we would love a custom clone button that clones the existing record along with the related records on the record's related list. The record is basically kind of a middle child in the hierarchy-it has a parent but it also has child records associated with it. When we clone it, we'd like to clone the record and its child records. 

Second-we'd love to automate some record creation based on when a new Contact record is created. What records would be created would be dependent on contact record type. Whenever we have certain contacts created, we will always need certain child records. Right now I am manually creating them (they're just basic records that house other related child records like "Medical Information" which has related lists for Medications, Appointments, etc.), but I'd like to not have to remember to do this for every new contact created. 

I am happy to give more detail about what we're specifically looking for, but wanted to first throw this out there and see if anyone was interested in helping out. We are a non-profit agency so our budget is small. We may not be able to make it work financially but wanted to see what it may cost. We do not have a developer on staff-I have learned a lot and am pretty handy with Salesforce but don't know Apex, etc. So you'd be working with someone who has strong administrative knowledge, just no coding experience.


Hello Everyone,

Please let know if any one is interested to work in evening shift  IST time (9.30 PM to 1.30 AM)(Part Time) atlease 4 to 5 hours in a day. Following Skill is required.

Candidate should to know:

Apex Class/Apex Trigger/Visualforce Page. Development and atlease work on Salesforce Sales Module. and atlease 2 to 3 year of SFDC development experince.

Please email your RESUME @ sumit.kumar@kloudrac.com

Sumit Kmar
Do you want to be a part of the Chicago digital startup community? Here’s your chance….

Haka Products mission is to rapidly create a world class Internet company for accelerating the time it takes to achieve product to market fit for new products.
Our solution will be built on the worlds #1 CRM platform, SalesForce.com. We plan to launch our product at the Dreamforce ’14 conference this October in San Francisco.

Haka Products is located at the epicenter of the Chicago digital startup community at 1871, the startup incubator at the Merchandise Mart. Come be a part of this exciting community!

Responsibilities for this role are as follows:
• Work directly with the Haka Products Founder to define scope of development efforts
• Define the solution architecture for the product offering
• Translate requirements into clearly defined technical tasks
• Translate user stories and wireframes into design
• Collaborate well with third party product development organizations to deliver results
• Develop, test, document, and deploy high quality product releases
• Facilitate the AppExchange security review process and ensure successful results
• Manage the process to publish the application in the AppExchange and ensure successful results
• Able to adapt and deliver solutions in an agile environment
• Conduct technical design reviews and demos to the customer (IT and business)
• Driven by customer success with a team player attitude
• Enthusiastic, professional, and confident personality, with a focus on customer success
• Excellent listening skills to fully understand the customer requirements and pain points
• Regular communications with the Founder regarding status, technical issues and creative solutions.

• B.S. degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, MIS or equivalent
• 3+ years of experience with technical implementations of customer projects
• 1+ year experience in SalesForce.com architecture.
• 2+ years Force.com development experience, with a strong focus on Apex and Visualforce, Triggers, Class development.
• One or more current Salesforce.com certifications (e.g. DEV401, DEV501)
• Application development experience with Javascript, XML, HTTP, Java, C++, ASP, SQL
• Strong understanding of relational databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.).
• Familiarity with Object Oriented concepts and experience with OO languages (Java, Ruby, C#, C++, etc.).
• Looking for a full-time position
• Not eligible for Visa sponsorship
• Strong presentation and communication skills
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

• Experience developing products on the SalesForce.com platform. 
• Strong understanding of SOQL.
• Experience with Agile development practices.
• Entrepreneurial behaviors will be a must along with an ability to play a wide variety of roles

Compensation package includes salary plus an equity position in the company.

Send an email to colm@hakaproducts.com if interested. Serious inquiries only. Must be based in Chicago.
We are looking for a full time Salesforce.com developer to join our fast-growing company in the Orlando Florida area. National candidates welcome, we cover relocation expenses!  More information: