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I am trying to use following syntax for removing prefix value "NDT/", and its working fine. 
IF((BEGINS(Client_Account__r.Name, "NDT/")),SUBSTITUTE(Client_Account__r.Name, "NDT/", ""),Client_Account__r.Name) 

Original value: NDT/Test 
Expected value: Test
Result: Test

Also Wondering, how to change the above syntax for values having prefix value as "ndt/" "Ndt/" or etc.,

Original value: ndt/Test, Ndt/Test, etc.,
Expected value: Test
Results i am getting with above syntax: ndt/Test, Ndt/Test

Your help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
Is it possible to render visual force tab data in pdf as tabs or ebook tabs ? 
Hi All,

I trying to print nested list using system.debug().
Output in log : ((1,2,5),(already output))
expected      : ((1,2,5),(1,2,5))

when i iterate to list i am getting expected outputs. 
just want to know why it is showing "already output" in debug log?

User-added image
I have defined a list and gave it size of 6. On adding two elements in it by using list.add() method, the size of list is increasing. Why the size of list is increasing? Shouldnt it remain same?
Kindly find the snapshot of the coding.User-added image
I am trying to fetching my force.com site domain I have created. Gone through lot of internet contents but find no where a solution to fetch the complete Domain/Default site url. Possible is to query urlPathPrefix and salesforce.com domain, but not the complete force.com domain I have created.

for example: ***-developer-edition.ap2.force.com

could be fetched properly!