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I'm trying to create a visual force page that has only 1 line for getting the contact name.
<apex:page sidebar="false" showHeader="false" cache="false" standardStylesheets="false" docType="html-5.0" standardController="Contact" > 
<apex:pageBlock >
 <h1>Hello {!Contact.name}</h1> 

This page is in a SF.com site that i'v created.
the problem is that i'm getting an unauthorized message that public user cant access for this page. It happens because i'm trying to access the contact object. I believe its admin configuration.
Can someone help me with that by writing the steps for getting public access for this page and the contact object?
Go to ->
Do that
and so ...
Note! please don't send any URL referrals for this, Thanx :)
What is meant by permission set and what is the use of permission sets can anyone explain me in detail with example 
Adv Thanks.

Can  any body tell me the difference betwen the getvalues() and getinstance () methods  customsettings.