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Hi Developer forum, I am facing some issues with respect to click to dial functionality on a custom VF page, I did try and use 

<script src="/support/api/29.0/interaction.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


This is a column: <support:clickToDial number="{!r.Phone_Number__c}" entityId="{!r.id}"/>

but when I run the page it says click to dial disabled. when I hover over the phone icon on the VF page, Not sure what I am missing out here, Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. This is a inline VF page on another object standard detail page.


I'm trying to implement the <support:clickToDial> component on a visualforce page, and it won't connect to the CTI adapter (Shoretel). It just has a greyed out phone icon and when you hover over it it says "Click to Dial Disabled". We know that the CTI adapter is set up correctly because we can click on normal phone fields within salesforce.