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 I have two Picklists fields, Controlling field is Time_Zone and dependent field is Time_Zone_CODE. How can we autopopulate dependent field picklist upon selection of Picklist value in Controlling field? ??

I have mapped Picklist values in both fields but I have to mannually select the value in Dependent field. We want to get this Time ZOne Code filled on its own upon selction of respective value in Time_Zone.

Please suggest.


We are facing issue while fetching the Training Event fields by using following query:

Select Id,Name,Training_Offering_Id__r.Delivery_Type__c,PEPE_Training_Request__c.Training_Offering_Id__r.Theater_Region__c,PEPE_Training_Request__c.Training_Offering_Id__r.Learning_Partner__c,Local_Contact_Number__c,Training_Location_City__c,ZIP_Code__c,Geography__c,PEPE_Training_Request__c.Training_Offering_Id__r.Technology__c,PEPE_Training_Request__c.Training_Offering_Id__r.Delivery_Team__c,Learning_Partner_Name__c,PEPE_Training_Request__c.Training_Offering_Id__r.Audience__c,Fiscal_Quarter__c,Language__c,PEPE_Training_Request__c.Training_Offering_Id__r.Program__c,CSAT_Score__c,Training_Offering_Id__c,PEPE_Training_Request__c.Training_Offering_Id__r.Name,Actual_Costs__c,PEPE_Training_Request__c.Training_Offering_Id__r.Platform__c from PEPE_Training_Request__c where (Status__c='Event Approved') and (Platform__c='Partner Plus') and (CVENT_Flag__c='Yes') and (CVENT_Status__c='Not Started')

We are able to run this query on SFDC developer console. However if we pass the same query from API we are getting the blank values for fields where we are using syntax like ‘PEPE_Training_Request__c.Training_Offering_Id__r.Theater_Region__c’.

Can you please look into it?

Hello All Great Salesforce Developers

I need you help so that I can become a good Apex & VF developer? I dont have any mentor except Internet and you guys.

Please let me know, how can I acheive this? Is it really tough?


I'm creating an event management application  that allows users to register for events.  Each event is a 1-day event that can be comprised of x number of sessions that never overlap.

I have a master-detail relationship setup between the event table (master object) and the event session table (detail object).  This allows x number of sessios for an event.

My question is how I can validate that the sessions never overlap.

In the event session table I have two date/time fields Start Time and End Time.

The only way I can think to validate if the sessions do not overlap is to use a trigger with the addError() method.  However, how can I compare the times of each session for a specific event and determine if the sessions overlap?