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Hi All,


I have a Force.com Site page where I am tring to display an inputField, but it's not showing up. The visualforce page when it render it by it self it shows up, but through the site it's not showing up.


I have done the following so far, so these are not the issues:


1. Given permission to the object for the Site Profile

2. Given Visible permission at the field level

3. Given access to the Controller class


Can someone help? thanks.

This may be common knowledge, but I'm a Java rookie and was pretty pleased with myself when I figured it out :smileytongue: .


If you're working with html solutions and need to use SolutionNote somewhere that doesn't support html formatting, the problem is easily solved using regular expressions like this:



NonHTMLField = SolutionNote.replaceAll('\\<.*?\\>', '');



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Hi Guys,
I'm fairly new with VisualForce development although I had some experience using Apex Code,SControl and a little of Flex. I was doing some practice developing visualforce pages and reading the component reference page when I saw that the documentation says that on <apex:page>,  "the action attribute should not be used for initialization".  What could be the reason?
I tried initializing the variable when its declared like below:
public class sampleController{
   Integer x = getCounter();
    public Integer getCounter(){
And I also used the attribute action for a page example:
VF Page
<apex:page action="{!init}" controller="sampleController">
public class sampleController{
     Integer x = 0;
     public PageReference init(){
          x = getCounter();
          return null;
     public Integer getCounter(){
And I don't see any difference on using these 2 methods of initializing. Could it be that the two methods differ on the number of Roundtrips for Client to Server?
Any thoughts would be helpul.

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