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Yesterday I refreshed the Sandbox and since then the Developer Console no longer works properly:
- The "Problems" tab is always empty, even if I make a deliberate syntax error.
- Ctrl-S changes the current editing tab name to "Saving: ..." but it stay like that forever. If I close and reopen the Developer Console, the changes are often saved. I guess they are only saved if there were no syntax erros, but I can't tell because the Problems tab won't show any information.
- When I run a unit test, the new test is not added to the Tests tab. If I restart the Developer Console, I can see that a new Test run was added. However, the status of the test is not updated. I have to close and reopen Dev Console to see if the test completed. I shouldn't have to restart the Console after every step.

If I log in with another administrator's credentials, the problem persists.
If I open the Dev Console from another PC, the problem persists.

In Production I cannot make changes to classes or triggers of course, but if I run a unit test, the test appears immediately like it should. So there is a serious refresh issue in my Sanbox Developer Console. I figured it's a sandbox fluke that would disappear after I re-refresh the sandbox. but that was wishful thinking :(
This morning I refreshed the Sandbox again, and the same problem persists. It's close to impossible to continue any development!

Has anyone encountered this problem before?
Any ideas what I might try next?

p.s. I already raised it with Salesforce Support, but they said it's a development isuue, and asked me to sumbit it in this forum.

As we know  salesforce removing Javascript support from side bar  home component after summer 15,Also salesforce added visualforce in home componenet,Since Visualforce page in iframe.Visuaforce in home component is not able to interact with salesforce standard UI.

Any Idea or any research or javascript , we should control standard salesforce UI through home component.


I have a formula field named Contract End Date and the value of this field should be calucated based on Contract Start Date and the Contract Duration. Contract Start Date is of type Date and Contract Duration is the number of months. Id I just add both the fields it considers Contract Duration as number of days instead of month. How do I achieve this?