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User-added image

The elements on the page only start to appear after this script ends and it takes too long more than 30 seconds.
This only happens on the first load of the page, after that the elements load normally

Has anyone had this problem?

I need help on the following requirement

1) I am having a text field in account object called as "Dealer Principal"

i want to update that field with the contact first name and contact last name if the contact title ="Dealer Principal" which is assocaited with that account

so i am trying to create a formula field on contact object which is a cross lookup and check if the title is "Dealer principal" then i am calling the account field to update, I need help on that formula

 Title ="Dealer Principal",
Account.Dealer_Principal__c = LastName


i am getting ' )'  missing

Help me with the formula 

Thanks in Advance