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//Whaen i insert the Attachment Code ,i write below code .But im getting FLS security issuess plz help me

            attachment.Ownerid = tsk.ownerid;
        if(Schema.sObjectType.Attachment.fields.ParentId .isCreateable())
            attachment.ParentId = tsk.Id; // the record the file is attached to
            attachment.name = fileName;
            if (Schema.sObjectType.Attachment.fields.body.isCreateable()){
                insert attachment;   
HI , 
I need to uploade image in to static resource through visualforce page & controller.

I am getting 'Open redirection (DOM-based)' error on all my pages in burp scan report.

Can you help me to resolve this
how to wor with translation work bench in salesforce.In my application all labels are change in to salesforce supported languages.i want to use import and export options .please help me ,any one knowing export and import process in salesforce.