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Hi All,

I've created a visual workflow that asks the users for a number.  It maps to a number field on the quote object.  When I try to do a fast create for quote, I get the below error.

UPSERT --- UPSERT FAILED --- ERRORS : (INVALID_TYPE_ON_FIELD_IN_RECORD) Term: value not of required type: 36 --- for SFDC record with ID : null,

The field in the quote does have the decimal places as two.  When I type in 36.00, I still get the error.  The only time I do not get the error is when I type in 36.01 or some number that has 2 decimal places.  I even created a new field to test, put decimal places as 0, and I still got the error.  Does anyone know how to create an input type field of number and have it update a field type of number?  My assignment is correct to assign the object field to the number.  The odd part about this is I am using fast create, do not have a record ID as I'm trying to create a new quote, yet it is showing that I am upserting...  The field Term is the number field that I am trying to update.  I am currently building this in my sandbox to test.  Any help would be appreciated!