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We are developing an mobile(iPad,IOS) app using salesforce1, user have requirement of document viwer for word,pdf,xls.csv. 
I have tryed with answer of this https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsMain?id=906F00000008r4xIAA but did not got success because swf is not support in iPad. any code or controll to view document in salesforce1 is available.. or any other tech,code etc..

Hi Guys I am new in salesforce1 need some help..
I want to write unit test for given below method.....
 @RemoteAction     global static Boolean UpdateAccount(String accountID,string cellPhone,string email)      {        Contact contact = [Select Id,Name,Email,MobilePhone  from Contact WHERE Account.Id= :accountID];        //contact.Name = name;        contact.Email = email;        contact.MobilePhone = cellPhone;        update contact;                   //Account account= [Select  Id,Name, BillingStreet,Geo_Location__Latitude__s,Geo_Location__Longitude__s from Account WHERE Id= :accountID];        //account.Status= status;               //update account;         return true;     }

I have try as bellow but did not get success

private class TestAccountDetailController  {
    public Static testMethod void Test_UpdateAccount()
        Boolean bStr = AccountDetailController.UpdateAccount('001j000000EloztAAB','(650)867-23223','dilip@droisys.com');
       // List<Contact> Actual_lst=[Select Id,Email,MobilePhone From Contact Where AccountId='001j000000EloztAAB'];
        System.assertEquals([Select Id,Email,MobilePhone From Contact Where AccountId='001j000000EloztAAB'].Id,'003j0000008CPswAAG');
Time Started 3/13/2015 4:46 AM
Class TestAccountDetailController
Method Name Test_UpdateAccount
Pass/Fail Fail
Error Message System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject
Stack Trace Class.AccountDetailController.UpdateAccount: line 31, column 1
Class.TestAccountDetailController.Test_UpdateAccount: line 19, column 1

Anyone know how to put a content Previewer on Visualforce page?