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Hi All,

Here is my requirement: i have field called Source_code__c in Metadata_source__c Object. Field type is "Text". from Source_code__c Field I have to select Maximum value and i have to TRIM first 5 Charecters. after that with Remaining Value i have to add +1 to that Value. How can i achieve this, please anyone can help me.
Eg:  Values of the Source_code__c= ABCDE1234 and ABCDZ1234 that means I have to get the value ABCDZ1234, From this value i have to TRIM or remove ABCDZ and Add+1 to 1234.
The Out put will be=1235.

I tried with creating new formula field For TRIM the Value but How can I select wich is the highest value and i dont know how to convert this string to Number in one Formula.

Formula is 
I want add the Formula Covert along with this Formula.

anyone can please help me.

Advance Thanks!!




Please help me ASAP to solve this scenario.


 I have one VF page on that we have a look up field  and Multiselect picklist. When ever user selects the lookup field from the custom object, automatically the corresponding picklist values should be updated. Here all are custom objects.


Please help me ASAP.