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Has anyone had experience connecting Salesforce Comet Pub/Sub API to a system that is producing AXON events? IS there an event conversion, mapping software, external package? Our internal groups have set on AXON events for Java Connection.
I was able to use https://XXX.salesforce.com/p/setup/layout/AddApexDebugLogUser?retURL=%2Fsetup%2Fui%2FlistApexTraces.apexp&UserLookupInput_lkid=YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
&UserLookupInput=Connection%20User  to log the debug file for Connection User for using S2S connection. But now when I try to run this url in the brower, it gives me Insufficient Privileges error. 

Any suggestion?
Hi All,
I'm using salesforce to salesforce to connect my 2 orgs. Consider one is source org from which records are comming and other is destination org.
There is a field "Age" which is present in my both orgs but it has a validation rule only in destination org, saying that "Age cannot be empty". when i inserted a record in source org with Age empty - > its not being inserting in destination bcoz of validation error. Till here everything is working fine but when i gave a value to Age of the same reocrd in source org still its not being inserted in destination.
  This means once a error came in destination for a paticular record.If it gets updated properly next time meeting all its entry criteria then also destination org is not accepting that previously rejected record. For this i have changed validation rule to accept externally shared records.
   Is there any other workaround for this problem ?

I am new to this data migration section.


I am using two different developer edition.

when I try to export the attachments from one developer login, it is exported.
when I try to import that attachments in to another developer login, it showing an error.


if any body knows please let me know.

  • March 10, 2011
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