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Create the package version - Step 5
Error Attempt to create unlocked pkg step 5
Following Error:
ERROR:  An unexpected error occurred. Please contact Salesforce Support and provide the following error code: 1394095453-59495 (-1373703285).

Anyone know what this is?
DevHub set up; Packaging2 Beta enabled in DevHub; and I have an active GitHub account.
I would like to update my TrailHead account to use my peronsonal email address as opposed to my work email as it's set-up today.  I can not find any info on how I can do this.  Does anyone have the answer?
As I am only a contract employee and I am sick of starting new each time I move to a new org to work in, I thought it time to ask the question. How do I change my trailhead email for logging in from my work (current employer) email to my 'personal work' email.