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like this type of attachment code by using jqury or javascript or html
please provide immediatly
Hi All,

I have a requrirement where

1. I have an object O1 and fields like Name, F1, F2, F3 are as dependent picklist. F2 is dependent in F1 and F3 is dependent on F2.
2. I want to display all the Names in a multiselect list when F1, F2, F3 is selected.

Now I am only displaying all the picklist in vf page. Need help in displaying name as multiselect list .

Below is the code i am trying to do - 
Apex Class - 

public with sharing class soption{

      public List<MSA__C> records{get;set;}
      public MSA__c objAct{get;set;}

    public soption(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {
        objAct = new MSA__C();
     public pagereference search()
       records=[Select ID,Name,Coe__c,Dept__c,OpCo__c from MSA__C  where Coe__c=: objAct.Coe__c and Dept__c=: objAct.Dept__c];

       return null;


Vf Page - 

<apex:page standardController="MSA__c" extensions="soption" sidebar="false"> 

      <apex:messages style="color:red"></apex:messages>
        <apex:form id="theform">

            <apex:pageblock  mode="edit">

                <apex:pageblockSection >
                   <apex:inputfield value="{!objAct.Coe__c}" />
                   <apex:inputfield value="{!objAct.Dept__c}" />
                   <apex:inputfield value="{!objAct.OpCo__c }" />




Is It Possible to use more than two different data types in wrapper class ? and are there any limitations like ,we need to use only specific data types or we can use any data type and object type that is available for salesforce
I have created a formula field. After saving the record I am able to see the formula field with data and I am unable to in line edit from there. I would like to enable inline edit for the fields which display lock icon. Suggest me anyway that I can achieve that.

Thank you.

how can i get selected file name (forcecom_workbook.pdf) as attachment file name. Please find below image to get file name in textbox. and need to get the size in MBs instedad of bytes.
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Hi everyone,

I am working on iOS & Android native apps within Salesforce SDK. I am also using Chatter Rest API & Salesforce Community. I have configured Push Notification for Connected App & Client side. But I don't see any remote notifications from Salesforce after the other users have liked/commented my feed. So that Salesforce does not automatically send push notifications to device, does it?
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like this type of attachment code by using jqury or javascript or html
please provide immediatly