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I want to pass the  List<sobject> as parameter to javascript function.
I want to perfom this on Onclick action,I tried passing the parameter's normally but the function is not getting invoked.
kindly help me on how to pass list<sobject> as param to js function?

Mahesh Patel
Hi All,

Please suggest on how to queryall the Account records which are part of the AccountHierarchy(Parent<-Parent<-Parent->Child->Child->Child Relationship).

Thanks for the Info,
Mahesh Patel
Hi All ,

I am new to integration and have recuirement to make a callout to redhat!!
If anyone has on Salesforce --> Redhat Integration ...Brief info with 2 to 3 points on how to connect(mechanism) and the supported Api's, would be very helpful.

Thanks for the info,
Mahesh patel
Hi All,

Wanted to know if any want has used Fuzy Logic as part of Duplicate Management?
If Yes,Please let me know was it effective(got the expected results)?


Can help me with the brief description on difference between the customer and partner commuity?
It would be helpful if you can brief with regards to the acess user receive's upon enabling the partner user and customer community user?

Your valuable info would be of much help!!

Mahesh Patel
Hi All,

How to Clone Accounteam Members to Case Team on adding team members to AccountTeam?
As you guys might be knowing "We can't write triggers on AccountTeam" -Salesforce limitation.

Any suggestion on this would be helpful

Thanks In Advance,
Mahesh Patel

HI All,

We have created a Mobile Hybrid App,whenrin we  are making ajax callout from Mobile to salesforce Rest resource/
I am bale to connect from workbench,postman,Java App,Android App However when trying to connect from the hybrid app getting the 
CORS error.I did try putting the Source IP address from where callout is being made (IN CORS seeting) but no sucess.
It would be verymuch helpfull if you can share your insights on the same !!

Thanks Much,
Mahesh Patel
Hi Team,

On opportunity creation, I need to add a word document to related content related list.
I have written a trigger for the same and by reffering some blog to use contentdocumentlink.
But the document is being referenced in the Notes&attachment section instead of the RelatedContent.
Please find the below piece of code and give some insight...

Map<Id,ContentVersion> idToCvMap = new Map<Id,ContentVersion>([Select Id,ContentDocumentId from ContentVersion where Id IN: cvId]);
ContentDocumentLink cdl;
List<ContentDocumentLink> cdlLst = new List<ContentDocumentLink>();
for(Opportunity Opp: Trigger.New){
    for(string str:idToCvMap.keyset()){
              cdl =  new ContentDocumentLink (LinkedEntityId=Opp.Id,ContentDocumentId=                                     (idToCvMap.get(str)).ContentDocumentId,ShareType='V');
 insert cdlLst;

Thanks for the Info :)
I have environment hub enabled for my org.
But environment hub tab is missing from the tab list.
My profile is set to system admin...
Any info on this would be helpful !!! Thank you :)

I have a reqirement werein upon clicking the lookup field the search page should have the All fields radio button selected y default.
Standard functionality provided by salesforce has Name field selected y deafult.
Is there any configurtion setting to achieve this.
User-added image
Any info on this would be helpful!!!
Thanks in Advance!!!
I have created a managed package and installed it in other Org.
When trying to acces Managed package method(API)  ,It is invoking the method but throwing the below error

An internal server error has occurred 
I am not able to trace the error as there are no debug logs.

Any help is much appreciated !!

I have page included(<apex:include pagname="page\parameters">) in the Master Page.
I want to retreive the child page parameters from URL in the child controller...
I tried through "apexpages.currentpage().getparameters().get('id')" ,but this is reffering to the MasterPage parameters..
Kindly suggest how to achieve this?

Thanks for your inputs  in adavance!!
I have environment hub enabled for my org.
But environment hub tab is missing from the tab list.
My profile is set to system admin...
Any info on this would be helpful !!! Thank you :)