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Hello friends

I do not want user to enter duplicate account names. 
I created a validation rule ,  error formula : OR(ISNEW(),ISCHANGED( Name ))

But when I create a new Account it shows account already exists.

Also I did the above requirement using a workflow rule:

a) I created a custom field called dup_accnames (text) and made it unique. 

b) In workflow rule ,Rule criteria :  formula evaluates to true

OR(ISNEW(),(  Name != PRIORVALUE( Name )), true, false)

c) Field update : dup_accnames 

But In both the cases its not working

Can any one tell me where I am going wrong:?
One of my colleague told me to go with workflow rule but I am not sure why we even require a field update?


I have a field with data type long text area. I am displaying it on visualforce page. But I want to allow that field to display only first 200 characters and end it with ellipses (.....). Someone please help.
  • June 04, 2015
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It is possible to create a trigger on OpportunityTeamMember objecy. However, I want to automate creation of coresponding Opportunity Splits on creation of OpportunityTeamMember. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like the event in which an opportunity is created or updated with a new owner, and therefore a new OpportunityTeamMember is created for the new owner and all his default opportunity team (if exist) automatically, is not an action recognized as INSERT of OpportunityTeamMember, therefore does not fire the insert trigger.

Is this correct?

Thank you,


I am hoping to get a trigger that will update a custom object checkbox and date field when a task is marked as complete.

The task is generated by a detail object and I want the master object to be updated when the task is complete.

Basically, there is an object called Position Posting which is the master object. The detail object, Job Application, is triggering the task. I would love for the trigger to update the master record, Position Posting, when the task is marked as complete. If that doesn't work, I could make it work for it to update the detail object, Job Application, instead.

Could anyone help with a trigger? I am totally new to coding so if someone could bold the areas where I need to plug in our own object/field names, that would be helpful.

Thank you for your help!!!