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Hi all,
I need to create a Flow to be able to check e-mail from some users managers, but I'm not getting no way to make it work.
The point is to first search for all records of an object with a certain status in order to get all users associated with these records.
After getting all that users need to get all the managers of these users, and then you can get the emails of these managers and saved in a collection variable.
I can get all users, but to try to make a second fast lookup, I only get the result for the first user.
Already I consulted several places, but I can not find any way to do this. My goal in Salesforce is to use only tools in the code and I believe he can do it with the Flow.
Does anyone have any ideas to help me?
How can I access to videos "Who Sees What: Data Visibility How To's" in youtube?

I want to see the video to continue the tutorial, but displays the message of "private".