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Hi All,

I have cmpleted six steps of Lightning Experience Rollout Specialist Superbadge and I am stucked in Step 7 and Step 8.

Step 7:

Need to Schedule the Report to run at every Monday at 8:00 AM but i can only see two items in picklist one 2:00 AM and one is 11:00 PM\
User-added image

Step 8:

Set up the three types of articles that Lusso’s support team uses, with the following names: FAQ, Product, and Community. Each article type needs to include the Record Type, Question, and Answer fields. Use these names when adding the fields for each of the article types: faqpagelayout, productpagelayout, and communitypagelayout.

As per the requirement need to create Three Article and also we are using Lightning Knowledge and we can not create more than one Knowledge Article type in that ORG then how can I create three article type!

Please help :)