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I know this is sad that I'm failing step 1, so I'm wondering if there is some glitch I need to be aware of to pass. The error I'm getting is: 
User-added image

I've run the readiness check (but not received the email report and am not finding the report in Files). I've also created the users and assigned the permission sets, and run the optimizer report as well, so I'm not sure what's keeping me from passing this step. (this is a new playground btw)
I'm struggling with the custom lightning component on this part. I don't have much background coding and am having trouble finding resources to help me achieve coding the lightning component. If someone could help give me some framework code to create a custom lightning component to hold a URL or direct me to a resource that help break this down I'd be very appreciative.
Has anyone completed this trail? I am stomped on challenge number 3, regarding created the process for fulfillment. Any pointers or guidance would be appreciated.
I want to initiate a Flow from a button on a Custom Object.  How do I capture the ID of that Custom Object record and be able to use it in the Flow?