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I have a string variable of an SOQL query where I have a relationship query name but the output returns only the relationship Id. Below is the query and the output in detail.

String s = 'select XYZ__r.Name from contact where Id = \'0031D00000KkQLKQA3\'';

Output : (Contact:{XYZ__c=a0w1D000000RezuQAC, Id=0031D00000KkQLKQA3})

How do I get the XYZ__r.Name in the output. 


We can add a datasource onto the attribute in the design resource, like this:
<design:attribute name="Name" datasource="value1,value2,value3" />

How can I use a dynamic datasource instead of hardcoding the values.



We have a register site writing in SF Sites with VF/Apex.  The Site runs without login via a Sites Guest User.  The Apex controller is coded without sharing. 


We'd like to allow the visitor to the Site to update the email address on their Contact record.  But, update access to Contact can't be granted to the profile, only Read and Create.  So the update won't work.


Anyone know a work-around? 


The one thing I thought if is to save the email address to a custom object then have batch apex running under a different login sweep the data and make the changes to the Contact records.  Seems like a lot of work to build all that when all I want to do is a allow update access only through this VF page.