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1- Diff. between controller and Apex class?

2- any specific reason to use custome controller?

Can anyone help to understand these two concepts?

Just finished all of the Trails, Modules and Projects that are available up to this point using 3 different Dev Orgs. (2/3/2016)

Keep them coming. More Trails/Modules/Projects on development would be great. (Lightining,Apex,Visual Force, Javascript, Integration and using the Developer Console)

Thanks for providing these valuable resources !
Hi All,

Can anybody pls share the sample code for Selected list view from javascript using list view button
  • January 04, 2016
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Hey everyone,

How do I customize my "new leads" page layout?

Thank you
I have 10 years IT experience and 7 years It Salesforce experience. I am Dev 401, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Adm 201, Adv Admin, Adv Dev 501, Also doing Technical Architect (Completed till II level). 

I have done around 50 SFDC projects and 10 end to end implementation. I have worked big clients. Looking for FreeLancer also i can provide consulancy to any company. 

If required please mail @ asinghal@klodrac.com
hi all

here's a trigger and unit test, the trigger is fine BUT the unit test fails, please help:
trigger evtask on event (after update){ 

List<Task> insertTask = new List<Task>();


for(event ev : Trigger.new)

event oldev = trigger.oldmap.get(ev.id);

    if((oldev.subject !='Book Market Appraisal' ) &&    ev.subject == 'Book Market Appraisal' ){

Task newTask = new Task();

newTask.Subject = 'Market appraisal follow up';

newTask.whatId = ev.whatId;

newTask.status = 'Not Started';

newTask.Priority = 'High';

newTask.Description = 'Please call back the contact to check how the Market Appraisal was';

newTask.ownerid = ev.ownerid;

newTask.whoid = ev.whoid;

newTask.isreminderset = true;

newTask.Reminderdatetime = ev.LastModifiedDate  + 0.0833;



if(insertTask.size() > 0)

insert insertTask;

public class testevtask{
static testmethod void testtask() {
event ev=new event();
ev.subject = 'Book Market Appraisal';
ev.ownerid = 'iain banks'
ev.startdatetime = datetime.newInstanceGmt(2015, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1);
ev.enddatetime = datetime.newInstanceGmt(2015, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2);

insert ev;


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