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Hi all,


          how to display list view with multiple standard objects in visual force page. 


I display only contact list views, but want display more than one standard object 



List Name List id

New This Week00B9000000464v7EAA
New Last Week00B9000000464vIEAQ
Platinum and Gold SLA Customers00B9000000464vZEAQ
Recently Viewed Accounts00B9000000464vhEAA
All Accounts00B9000000464viEAA
My Accounts00B9000000464vqEAA


so how to display multiple standard object list views 


my visual force page:


<apex:page standardController="contact" recordSetVar="contact" extensions="aaa">
<apex:pageBlock title="Account Lists">
<apex:form id="theForm">
<apex:pageBlockSection >
<apex:outputpanel >
<table class="list">

<th >List Name</th>
<th>List id</th>

<apex:repeat value="{!listviewoptions}" var="li">
<td > <apex:outputText value="{!li.label}"></apex:outputText></td>
<td ><apex:outputText value="{!li.value}"></apex:outputText></td>


Hi Board,

I'm facing a issue in trigger where in i'm trying to perform a dml statement using List<sObject>.

It throws exception for me when i have more then 900 records in my list.

Error message is stated below:

System.TypeException: Cannot have more than 10 chunks in a single operation. Please rearrange the data to reduce chunking.