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I'm setting up a Salesforce regression test environment and using Selenium IDE for firefox.

When Logged in to my Salesforce Org using Firefox I first create an Account Record and than I delete the same record without and complications.

However when I start the Selenium IDE recording and performing the same test use case, then there is a problem when trying to delete the account record. The creation of the account record works but the deletion of the same record is not working. So the Button "Delete" in the UI in Firefox is not responding to me clicking.

The console output in Firefox is giving me this error: Error: Permission denied to access property "apply"

Why is Selenium IDE preventing me from performing this simple test scenario, and what could I do for this to work?

Also I've tried to perform the same test Scenario using PhantomJS instead of firefox and it's still just a problem deleting the Record. So it should be Selenium related error? Thanks in advance

I'm using selenium to automate the testing in my salesforce org. I need to know about lookups that how can a web driver can be switched to a lookup popup window. I have tried it in lots of ways but it's not happening.
So If anyone knows the solution then plz let me know.

thanks in advance... :)


Would like to check  whether is there any preferred/recommended  testing tool that can be best suited for SFDC(Salesforce) application for Test automation or can we use any tool(eg. QTP/Rational) to do that.



The Automation test that we refer hear is aimed to decrease the Duration of execution and can include below Test Automation Frameworks.
 -Creation of small,independent scripts that represent the modules are then used to construct larger tests to realize specific business scenarios.
 -Data driven tests that read input values from CSV/Excel files that can be used in the coded scripts for creation of objects like Contacts/Accounts etc.



Gopi chand P

  • August 16, 2012
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