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Can  anyone help me with creating Lighting sales manager dashboard from first.
On the last step of the Trailhead Challenge "Get Ready for Life on Mars" and I can't complete it because I don't have "Communications" 
Notice Communications is spelled "Cummunications"
A recent update to Trailhead has boosted challenge points from 100 to 500 for both the Wave Analytics Basics > Start Exploring Wave Analytics and the Wave Desktop Exploration > Become a Data Explorer challenge. Unfortunately, for users who had completed these modules prior to the point change they received no upgrade in their awarded points, which opts them out of a total of 900 points that other users will be able to receive for completing the same challenges.

I initially reported this discepancy to trailhead@salesforce.com and received a response that the issue has been resolved. Well, no – this issue has not been resolved for myself and I assume all other users who had completed the challenges prior to the update. Even after attempting to validate the challenges again, I still receive the same outcome of no additional points awarded. I've attached a screenshot below to show the discrepancy.
Wave challenge point discrepancy

I really hope the Trailhead team can resolve this issue :)
I'm following the Trailhead module "Build a 3D Virtual Reality", at the step "App Add VR", I am getting the error message:
controlGvrPointerInputModule requires GvrPointerManager.Pointer to be set.
After searching the web, it seams like the module has been built using Google VR SDK 1.1 and the current version is 1.2 and that there has been some changes.
Looks like I need to use GrvEventSytem instead of EventSytem.
I tried it, not more error message is shown but I still can't manage to login, the clicks are no longer detected.

Could somebody please assist ?

Thanks a lot.
Can  anyone help me with creating Lighting sales manager dashboard from first.
Hey All,

One of my friend is not able to login into her Trailhead Account. Here is the problem:
1. She is having custom domain as https://revadomain-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com
2. She has logged in with correct Username and Password.
3. After logging in her next screen is displayed as below
Check your mobile device

4. She has deleted the account in her "Salesforce Authenticator" mobile app by mistakenly.
5. So, she clicked on "Use Different Verfication Method" link at the bottom
6. Her next screen is displayed as below:
Choose a Verification Method

7. By selecting first radio button, she is navigated back again to first screenshot
8. By selecting second radio button, that is "Use code from authenticator app"
9. But as mentioned she is no more having Account on the app
10. In order to generate again the "Verification Code" by adding another NEW Account, she needs a key provided by salesforce.

At this point of time she is not redirecting to that page.

How can she will able to login into her Trailhead account? 
Hello All.

I feel I must be missing something rather simple.  I am on the Admin Trail - Beginner Chatter Basics, Getting Started with Chatter and when I build a Public Group I am not getting an option to 'add a new post'.  My options are New Account, New Event, New Task and New Contact (see image 1 below).  When I setup a Private Group I get the options to setup a New Post which would help me graduate to the next challenge however in the challenge it states to set the group up as a Public Group.  Any suggestions?

Image of Public Group options:
Public Group View

Image of Private Group options:

Private Group View

As always, Thank you!