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Hey there,

I've got a Rich text field inside the Contact object for a "headshot" image.
I'm also using the SF API to aquire data on each contact.
I'm trying to be able to publically view the physical image from the rich text field


However, I'm getting the "Image Not available" 
I have created a "Site" and set the Contact as Readable. + Inside the contact - The Rich Text Field to readable from the Field Security Settings.

I'm at a complete loss. 

Any help would be amazing!

Thank you

Hey there,
I've got a question about page layouts.
Within the Contact Page layout, the standard buttons, some of them don't show up on the contact page.
I'm looking for the Standard Button 'Send an Email' to populate on the contact.
Not only is Send an Email missing, but so is Clone & Check Clean Status.

My org has renamed Contact with Constituent, so don't worry about that
I have checked all the role permissions, profile permissions for objects.
I am currently using a system admin account.

Completely lost...any ideas?

Thank you!

Contact Page layout
Contact Page Layout Editor

The Actual Contact Details

Contact Details