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Hi all....
Having a real issue with stage 5 of this Superbadge.
I have tried and re-tried this several times, re-creating both the Report Type and Report, but getting the same error:
I am getting error in the Superbadge Reports & Dashboards Specialist
User-added image
 I have passed first 4 challenges and having problem to pass the challenge 5.
 This massage doesn't give any detail.
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'Contacts by Hobby and Rating' report is not configured correctly
whoever has completed this superbadeg, please advice me where am i going wrong?
Thank you
I seem to have no clue what's wrong in the report which I created. As per the requirement - Summarize the report by Account Name, the contact’s Full Name, and show the Hobby Name." Here I do not understand Full Name, as in the report we only get First Name, Last Name.
The error says - 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Lightning Hobbies by Contact' report does not appear to have either the correct report type or (most likely) the correct columns.

I have summarized the report by Account Name, then by Last Name. Another column shown is Hobbies Name. The report filter is on Hobby Type (the bucket field) = Outdoor Activities and it is locked.

Does anyone know whats wrong?